Ben’s Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s. No. 58. Kenickie – At the Club

There was a time when Kenickie were my favourite band. I had the t-shirt and every part of every single they released. They were bright and funny and true. When there was a power cut at their gig in Wolverhampton they did an ‘audience with’ from a balcony. They sent you a Christmas card every year. They were the best.

I never understood then, and I still don’t understand, why they weren’t bigger. Or rather, I do understand: they didn’t fit the role that the industry had decided female-led bands needed to fill at that time so they didn’t get the promotional push that decidedly less capable (but decidedly more male) bands got.

No, I didn’t understand. All my friends could see they were brilliant so why couldn’t everyone else?

Actually, I have just looked it up and At the Club was a top ten album. So quite a lot of people did recognise they were great. It just doesn’t feel like it because they have been somewhat neglected since they split up.

I don’t suppose it matters in the long run. They made two brilliant albums and I can listen to them whenever I want to. And so can you. Stuff everyone else.