Me vs My Subconscious vs Lambchop vs Nixon vs oh, I don’t know, some other stuff probably…

So yeah, you might have heard, I do this album recommendation thing at the weekends. People recommend albums, I listen to them, and then (some may say arrogantly, and certainly presumptuously) I rank them all. Very occasionally, while compiling a list of stuff to listen to, I miss an album. I’m not perfect. I apologise. It’s never anything more than clumsiness on my part. Or at least, it was, until last weekend.

I’m worried this time might have been different. There is a chance my subconscious just didn’t want to listen to Nixon by Lambchop.

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that Mat Pringle recommended Nixon by Lambchop. That is the album I forgot to listen to.

No part of my brain, conscious or subconscious, has heard Nixon by Lambchop since it came out. I remember it being a topic of discussion among friends. I remember the conversation being about whether it was great or terrible or both at the same time or neither or nothing at all. I remember it was important to take a side, to take a stand, to stand up and take a stand or a side or something. I remember it being seen as a great divide in the Lambchop catalogue. I remember a line had been crossed. Some sort of line. There was a crossing of lines. I don’t remember having strong opinions one way or another but I was in my twenties, so I imagine I did.

Listening to it again I am… huh.

I feel… erm…


Yeah. Nothing. I felt nothing.

I think the world can be divided into people who ‘get’ Lambchop and people who don’t. I am firmly in the dunce camp. Soz. So let’s say, what? Five points to Mat Pringle for the inconvenience? An extra five for what I hope won’t be perceived as an insult coming from the depths of my subconscious? Ten in total. Seems fair… Yeah?

It’ll have to do.

Let’s put this unpleasantness behind us with a ‘Lambchop’ song we can all agree is genius, Dr Lampchop by Lionel Hampton and his big band. An absolute solid gold big band funk thumper from beginning to end.