Birds from your window. Swift.

Each spring there is a little flurry of ‘first swift of the year’ mentions on twitter as these magnificent birds make their way up the country. I’m telling you, arty types, writers and painters and poets and the like, they love a swift.

Yeah, I guess poets are writers. I should have said potteryers or something instead.

Potters? No, that doesn’t sound right at all. Really? Well, if you say so.

Anyway… Swifts. They’re pretty cool. My favourite swift thing is when they form screaming parties, whizzing up and down streets, eating flies, shrieking and generally being awesome. Other people like the whole spending most of their lives in the air thing or the high altitude thing. It’s horses for courses. There are no wrong answers.

Swift (Apus apus)

  • Right, first off, they look nothing like in the drawing.
  • Which is really more an artistic representation of their essence than their reality.
  • And as such shouldn’t be used for identification purposes.
  • Though I would like you to at least consider that it may be a more spiritually ‘true’ than a drawing displaying more, for want of a less patronising term, pedestrian verisimilitude.
  • But seriously though, they don’t look like that.

Big brown whizzy thing in the sky. Sometimes very very high in the sky. Often screams a bit at around about tea time. You’ll work it out.