The Best Music Recommender in the World. U/V.

In an attempt to get back on schedule I have lumped U and V together. I’m no happier about this than you are. Let’s just make the most of it, ok?

Oh, and as another disappointment for you, I was really busy this week too. So, to make sure I could get this done today, I have limited all my write-ups to twelve words or less!!! Let’s get pithy, yeah? Let’s be succinct to the absolute maximum!

  • Donna Morris recommended Meet The Vamps by The Vamps

    It features a worse version of Cecilia than the Suggs one. One point.

  • Adrian Slatcher recommended Hallowed Ground by Violent Femmes

    I absolutely hated it. Two points.

  • Hannah Hunt recommended Modern Vampires of the City by Vampire Weekend

    His voice goes through me… like a knife. Three points.

  • Fat Roland recommended Second Toughest in the Infants by Underworld

    Man talks bollocks over 140bpm thudding. Fucking ghastly. Four points.

  • Sean Rhodes recommended Vienna by Ultravox

    This meant nothing to me. Five points.

  • Nicholas Royle recommended Systems of Romance by Ultravox

    Nor this one, but I haven’t got a joke this time. Six points.

  • jummo70 recommended Sex and Food by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

    The bloke singing proper fancies himself. Not for me. Seven points.

  • Plashing Vole recommended Hit the Ground Running Fast by The Victoria Lucas

    I got the impression they would be better live. OK. Eight points.

  • Nick Rayney recommended Two by Utah Saints

    A surprising choice. It’s not even the Kate Bush sampling one. Nine points.

  • Picky Bastards recommended Psyence Fiction by Unkle

    A Chris Waddle blasting it over the crossbar choice. Fucked it, mate. Ten points.

  • Graeme recommended Course of the Satellite by The Vyrll Society

    Spent lots of the listening time trying to remember the word Voynich. Eleven points.

  • Desmond recommended Vegas by Vegas

    A bit creepy in parts, lyrically. Twelve points.

  • Dan Edmonds recommended Time + Space by Uptights

    Had to listen to it on Youtube. Too many crisp adverts. Thirteen points.

  • Adam Farrer recommended Total Depravity by The Veils

    Perhaps too in debt to Nick Cave at times. Fourteen points.

  • Dave Hartley recommended the Blade Runner OST by Vangelis

    I mean… yeah… it’s alright… He’s no Hans Zimmer though (runs away) Fifteen points.

  • James Beck recommended Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Not my sort of thing really, but very nicely done. Sixteen points.

  • Chris Bissette recommended Erase Me by Underoath

    Yep. Liked it. Seventeen points.

  • Slugger recommended Last by The Unthanks

    I’ve seen The Unthanks live. They’re great. They’ve made better albums though. Eighteen points.

  • George Sandison recommended The Velvet Underground by The Velvet Underground

    I’ve seen Lou Reed live too. He was shite. This album’s good. Nineteen points.

  • David Coates recommended Honey Lingers by Voice of the Beehive

    This was a proper blast from the past this one. Thank you. Twenty points.

  • Benjo recommended Deep River by Utada Hikaru

    Very poppy. I like that. Twenty one points.

  • William Mallin recommended Ecstatic Arrow by Virginia Wing

    Needs more listens to fully appreciate but… Twenty two points.

  • Graham Cox recommended Afrodisiac by The Veldt

    American shoegazing. Less mumbly. Very good. Twenty three points.

  • Rebecca Holland recommended Super Shiny Dreams by Unun

    Nice bit of ex-Sugarcubes people doing pop stuff. Twenty four points.

  • Sleepy recommended In a Poem Unlimited by U.S. Girls

    Disco is back! Twenty five points.

  • Em recommended Vagabon by Vagabon

    Very good. Twenty six points.

  • Tom. recommended Dilate by Vessels

    Very very good. Twenty seven points.

  • Mat Pringle recommended Inner Roads and Outer Paths by Vic Mars

    Like what Wicker Man people might listen to when not burning people. Twenty eight points.

  • Georgia Boon recommended The Order of Time by Valerie June

    Boon’s edging closer to the title here. Can she win the lot? Twenty nine points.

  • James Park recommended Just Another Diamond Day by Vashti Bunyan

    Someone else I’ve seen live. Great then, and great here. Thirty points.

  • Daniel Carpenter recommended Mount the Air by The Unthanks

    This is the correct The Unthanks album to choose, isn’t it? Thirty one points.

  • Socrates Adams recommended the soundtrack to Transformers: The Movie by (and you are going to hate me for this but as far as I’m concerned its legitimate) various artists

    Undeniably glorious despite being, clearly, fucking awful a lot of the time. Thirty two points.

So there you have it. I make no apologies for the winner. It made me smile, a lot, while I was listening to it. I’m more sorry about the The Wicker Man spoiler to be honest.