The Best Music Recommender in the World. W.

Before we get started, some news. I have hinted previously that there might be some sort of season-ending cup competition to excited about. I’m now confirming it. There will be a season ending cup competition. This is complementary to the league, not its conclusion. Whoever is top of the leaderboard after Z will be crowned The Best Music Recommender in the World. Think of it like an FA Cup to the league’s league, if you will. An extra prize. Maybe you could ‘do the double’, as I believe sport people say.

There will be some seeding going on.

Right… I’ll try to keep this simple. Sixteen people will be seeded and get a bye to the second round. They will be: The eight highest people on the leaderboard, the winners of the next four weeks (today, X, Y, and Z) and four other people that I will pick for various reasons. Everyone who has scored points during the competition (and possibly some who haven’t, things were pretty messy those first few weeks) will get an invite to take part in the first round.

Don’t worry if some of that didn’t make sense. It will by the time we get round to it in a few weeks time. Probably. The important thing to remember is that winning today or any of the next three weeks, will get you an automatic place in the last 32 of the cup. Exciting, no?

OK, let’s get on with it…

  • Adam Farrer recommended Kicking Television: Live in Chicago by Wilco

    I’ve never really ‘got’ Wilco but I don’t especially dislike them. However, this album… this live album, is almost two. fucking. hours. long. It is, to give you a sense or perspective, longer than the longest of the seventy eight commercially released versions of Blade Runner (Final Cut, 2007, 117 minutes) by at least one minute. It doesn’t even have the excuse of inserting the full version of the unicorn dream for the first time. It has no excuses at all. One point.

  • Dave Hartley recommended White Blood Cells by The White Stripes

    Hotel Yorba is, possibly, my least favourite song of this millenium so far. I hate its garbled pseudo-cockney shtick. All the “yam blah bob bab thank you elevator” nonsense makes my brain itch. It sounds like a shit Chas and Dave covers band made entirely out of Ann Widdecombes trying to recreate The Fratelli’s Chelsea Dagger using only wild dogs and spoons. The album is over an hour shorter than Kicking Television though, so two points.

  • Desmond recommended La Variete by Weekend

    The nineties were weird. Three points.

  • Dan Edmonds recommended Alopecia by Why?

    I suspect I will get grief for only giving this four points but it sounded like a hip hop The Eels to me and I want my hip hop to sound like The Eels as much as I want my ice cream to taste like The Eels, which is to say, not at all.

  • Graham Cox recommended Warren Suicide by Warren Suicide

    This album sounds like the Nine Inch Nails being produced by whoever produced Billie Piper’s debut album (it was Wendy Page and Jim Marr, if you are interested). That may be misconstrued as being an insult but I don’t mean it to be. At the very least it made Warren Suicide more interesting than a Nine Inch Nails album (though obviously not as good as Honey to the B). Lacking a Because We Want To: five points.

  • Graeme recommended Warm Drag by Warm Drag

    This was one of those, “Yes, I get why you like this but it’s not for me,” albums. It’s a bit like one of Royal Trux’s more chaotic albums, snarling and clattery. If you like that sort of thing, you will like this. Six points.

  • Tom. and Plashing Vole both recommended Lost in the Dream by War On Drugs

    This one caught me by surprise somewhat. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Plashing Vole would recommend something that sounded so much like Dire Straits. But here we are, me, him and Tom. listening to it. It sounds like Dire Straits and I don’t know what to think about that. Seven  and a half points each.

  • Donna Morris recommended The Final by Wham!

    Let’s not misunderstand each other, George Michael definitely had his moments. Praying For Time is an absolute classic. But most of Wham!’s stuff is, well, a bit rubbish. Sorry. Nine points.

  • Dan recommended Fantastic by Wham!

    This gets an extra point on account of there being less of it (and despite the truly awful cover of Love Machine by The Miracles). Ten points.

  • Georgia Boon recommended Weezer (the blue album) by Weezer

    I was beginning to think that Georgia was going to challenge for the title but blimey, way to bring a knife to a gunfight, Boon. Is it even physically possible to have strong opinions one way or another about Weezer? They are just there, aren’t they? Like nitrogen in the air we breathe. Not without a purpose but inoffensive and largely unnoticed. How you thought they could ever get any more than eleven points is beyond me.

  • Neal recommended You & Me by The Walkmen

    …but too late for me to listen to it and after I had assigned points to everybody else. To be as fair as I possibly can, bearing in mind I am awarding points to an album I haven’t heard, I want to give Neal a ‘neutral’ points total. Luckily, Georgia Boon recommended Weezer, thus establishing a useful marker of neutrality: eleven points.

  • Caroline Oakley recommended It Came from Nashville by Webb Wilder

    I could imagine this playing on the soundtrack of a David Lynch movie, possibly in a vaguely ironic way as somebody did something unsavoury to a beloved American artefact. And because I’ll probably never unsee what I imagined Kyle MacLachlan doing I can only award this album twelve points. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s just the way things are.

  • David White recommended Bamboo Diner in the Rain by The Wave Pictures

    My parents used to meet at a bar in West Bromwich called Casa Bamboo (or possibly Casa Bambu, the internet is undecided on the matter). Anyway, this album was good (though I wasn’t sure about the song about his cat) so… thirteen points.

  • James Beck recommended Two Dancers by Wild Beasts

    The first song on Two Dancers, “The Fun Powder Plot”, has such an unforgivably bad name for a song that I almost awarded minus 100 points for its existence. However, after listening to the album I was in a more forgiving mood and instead I am offering fourteen points. Would it have been more if they had given that song a different name? We’ll never know.

  • Chris Bissette recommended 13 Chambers by Wugazi

    I found this mash-up of Fugazi and The Wu-Tang Clan interesting but most of the time I was listening to it I was hankering for the original production. Nothing against Fugazi, you understand. I just prefer the originals. Fifteen points.

  • Nick Rayney recommended Life of Pause by Wild Nothing

    We are firmly into stuff I liked now. I liked this. I did. It just didn’t blow me away on the first listen like some other stuff did. Still, fifteen points is sixteen points.

  • Mat Pringle recommended John Wizards by John Wizards

    This was another one that I suspect needed more than one listen. I mean, all albums need more than one listen, obviously, but you know what I mean. Well, perhaps not all albums. Maybe not The Wombles. But, unsurprisingly, nobody picked the Wombles. I’m waffling a bit now, aren’t I. Long story short: seventeen points.

  • Sleepy recommended Whack World by Tierra Whack

    OK. Hot take coming up. I’m not sure the ‘every song is exactly one minute long’ thing works as well as everyone else seems to. It’s still great and everything, but, you know… eighteen points.

  • Nicholas Royle recommended Vivian and Ondine by William Basinski

    A rare trip to the giddy heights of mid-table for Nicholas Royle after two weeks of Ultravox and… err… something else that I can’t remember now… huh… I’m getting old I suppose. Anyway, the nub of the matter is that this didn’t suck. It’s pretty sombre, it doesn’t do a lot, but I had time for it, which is pretty big of me, I reckon. I’m chuckling to myself now because all those commas in that last sentence probably annoyed him a little bit. At least I didn’t us a semicolon incorrectly; right? Or; did; I? Hee hee hee 🙂
    Oh yeah. Nineteen points.

  • Em recommended The Golden Age by Woodkid

    This was a good one. Twenty points.

  • Slugger recommended Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee

    I definitely find the stuff in the middle of the rankings hardest to write about in these posts. How many ways are there to say stuff is good? It would be so much easier for me if more of you had terrible taste in music. Just saying. Twenty one points.

  • Picky Bastards and Geisterhaus both recommended Warpaint by Warpaint

    Three albums were picked by two people this week. If this competition was a dating algorithm then I would definitely be showing this week’s results to my investors. Couple number two picked this excellent album by Warpaint and each got themselves twenty two and a half points.

  • jummo70 recommended Still Bill by Bill Withers

    OK, I’m putting this album here in the listing but I’m also giving jummo70 an extra five bonus points for picking Bill Withers, who doesn’t get nearly enough of the ‘props’ that I assume the kids are still giving people, if props means what I think it does, which it probably doesn’t. Twenty four points plus five points equals Twenty nine points.

  • David Coates recommended by Out in the Storm by Waxahatchee

    A second nomination for Waxahatchee, but a different album, and one I slightly preferred, so twenty five points.

  • Adrian Slatcher recommended Time (The Revelator) by Gillian Welch

    Yeah, Gillian Welch is great. No arguments here. Twenty six points.

  • James Park and George Sandison both recommended Innervisions by Stevie Wonder

    Arguably, this album should be a bit higher up the list. I know that. But I felt its brilliance was maybe too obvious? Is that fair? Probably not. But if I was doing a best play recommender in the world and for S you were all like, hey, there’s this guy called Shakespeare, I would need you to at least nominate something like King John or Timon of Athens before I started throwing out more than twenty seven and a half points at you. Just saying.

  • Daniel Carpenter recommended Construction Site by The Weakerthans

    Remember the Daniel Carpenter/David Hartley rivalry of a few weeks ago? Well, it’s back baby! Carpenter plummeted like a stone down the rankings a while back but he has climbed back into the top ten and today (if my maths is correct, which it invariably is) his twenty nine points mean he has overtaken Hartley. Gentlemen. May the beefing recommence.

  • John Power Jr recommended Cuffern by Wyrdstone

    I love an obscure pick, me. I don’t know how to describe this one. Is it folk or electronica or folktronica? Is it elk? No. That’s crazy talk. It is definitely well good though. You should check it out. Thirty points.

  • Fat Roland recommended The Shimmering Hour by Wisp

    Fats is almost certainly going to go down in history as the person who could/should/would have won this inaugural year of music recommending. Just imagine where he would be if he hadn’t lost so many points because he cheated/I’m mean/I think it’s funny to dock him points for minor infractions. Well, he’s only got himself/me to blame. That and Thirty one points for this absolute banging collection of banging bangers.

  • Rebecca Holland recommended Modern Kosmology by Jane Weaver

    There were two recommendations for Jane Weaver albums this week. Both albums were great but I preferred the other one (though only slightly). Thirty two points.

  • Benjo recommended Who is William Onyeabor? by William Onyeabor

    There were two recommendations for William Onyeabor albums this week. Both albums were great but I preferred the other one (though only slightly). Thirty three points.

  • Kate Feld recommended Front Row Seat to Earth by Weyes Blood

    Not many people get thirty four points on their first go. Would Kate have won the whole thing had she got involved earlier? Maybe. We’ll never know, I guess. Next year though? It’s definitely a possibility.

  • Nick Portnell recommended The Silver Globe by Jane Weaver

    There were two recommendations for Jane Weaver albums this week. Both albums were great but I preferred this one (though only slightly). Thirty five points.

  • William Mallin recommended Anything You Sow by William Onyeabor

    There were two recommendations for William Onyeabor albums this week. Both albums were great but I preferred this one (though only slightly). Thirty six points. Seriously, go and listen to When the Going is Smooth and Good and tell me this shouldn’t have won this week. Totally amazeballs for realz innit to the maximum.


  • Hannah Hunt recommended Runaljod-Ragnarok by Warduna

    After a couple of weeks with not especially high scoring albums, Hannah Hunt nominated this, the scariest piece of music I have ever heard in my life. Is this a punishment? Am I cursed now? I’m not entirely sure. Did it give me nightmares? No, but only because I haven’t slept in five days. I stand facing walls now, you know, for comfort.
    And so, because it is clearly the best album ever and Hannah Hunt is the best music picker ever ever and super nice and wonderful and kind and forgiving AND IN NO WAY AT ALL BECAUSE I FEAR FOR MY LIFE, thirty seven points and a guaranteed place in the second round of the cup! Congratulations, Hannah. You deserve it. You totally totally deserve it.