Week 45. 2020.

I would like to make two things clear before we start..

  1. In no way, at all, did I know about the second lockdown when I planned out the blog revamp.
  2. If they decide to shut the schools as well, the whole revamp thing will be shot to shit. Enjoy it while you can.

OK, so, in theory, every Monday I will do a quick blog post with a little bit about what I might do this week and a little bit about what you could do this week. As I’ve already said, if the schools close again this might not happen. I’ve only just caught up from the first time. Let’s take it a week at a time, eh?

This week I was going to tell you all about What You Could Have Won by Rachel Genn but, due to various hilarious circumstances unconnected to the novel itself, I have only read the first fifty two pages. Can you recommend a book based on its first quarter? I think you can, and in this case I am. I’m really enjoying it. I think you might too.

It is released on Tuesday so you should order it now, I reckon (ideally directly from the publisher or from your local bookshop as they aren’t going to see much business in November). Oh, and have a quick look at that book cover. No spoilers, but a knowledge of what it looks like might be quite useful later in the week.

It’s going to be a funny week, I think. If the election in the US ends in anything less than a civil war it will be a pleasant surprise. And then, on Thursday, lockdown 2 begins. Still, there’s a new Mandalorian episode on Friday and who knows, maybe Biden will walk it. Maybe it will be a half-decent week. Maybe. Maybe.

Wear a mask, wash your hands, ring someone who’ll appreciate a chat.