The Most Thursdays (sort of) Quiz or Puzzle (type thing)… Number One.

Hello. and…





…to this exciting new look Thursday quiz (and or puzzle) type thing. The title needs work. I know.

Anyway, the ‘welcome’ above is spelled out using letters taken from the covers of books published in 2020. All you need to do is tell me what books they came from. Easy.


Clues? Oh go on then. Five of the letters are from the title of the book and two from the author’s name. Six of the books are novels and one is a collection of short stories. Only one of the books was written by a man. All of the books got quite a bit of buzz on twitter (at least, they did on my feed).

If you can work out all seven, why not put your answers in the comments below. That way you will be the winner.

I’ll reveal the answers next week.

Oh, and the collage? I thought I would do one each week to make the quizzes seem mysterious and sophisticated. It probably won’t work but I’ve done them now, so…


2 thoughts on “The Most Thursdays (sort of) Quiz or Puzzle (type thing)… Number One.

  1. Weather – Jenny Offill
    Summerwater – Sarah Moss
    Boy Parts – Eliza Clark
    Modern Times – Cathy Sweeney
    What. You Could Have Won – Rachel Genn
    Mordew – Alex Pheby
    Earthlings – Sayaka Murata

    1. We have a winner!

      Congratulations. No prize except for the glory of course, but still, what glory!

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