The Most Thursdays (sort of) Puzzle or Quiz (type thing)… Number Two

This week it is all about Hollywood and that. I have converted the names of ten famous actors (five men, five women) into emoji form. All you need to do is translate them back into actual words.

Here you go…











If you can work out all ten, why not pop those answers over to me in the form of a comment or something. It will make you feel like a million dollars, all winning.


The answers from last week…

Here is a quick reminder of last week’s puzzle. I had created the word ‘welcome’ from letters taken from the covers of books published this year. It looked like this…



…and the covers I used were as follows

  • W – Weather by Jenny Offill (the arrows should have given it away)
  • E – Summerwater by Sarah Moss (a bit tricky, but everyone bought it, so…)
  • L – Boy Parts by Eliza Clark (it was one of the big books of the summer, so no excuses)
  • C – Modern Times by Cathy Sweeney (if you didn’t get it you might need to ask yourself if you are reading enough short stories. Just saying. Soz and that.
  • O – What You Could Have Won by Rachel Genn (I blogged about it on Monday. There is a picture of the book on the post. I don’t know what else I can do to help you.)
  • M – Mordew by Alex Pheby (Did you spot the distinctive black cover of Galley Beggar Press? Of course you did.)
  • E – Earthlings by Sayaka Murata (An easy one to finish with. Who else has had a glow in the dark cover this year?)

5 thoughts on “The Most Thursdays (sort of) Puzzle or Quiz (type thing)… Number Two

  1. All right, here are Dave Coates, Chris Grimshaw, and Vashti Gwynn’s (Autonym) answers:
    1. Bruce Willis
    2. Rose Byrne
    3. Mark Hamill
    4. Isla Fisher
    5. Ice Cube
    6. Lucy Liu
    7. Al Pacino
    8. Megan Fox
    9. Sam Rockwell
    10. Cher

    Some we are more sure about than others…

    1. Ooooooooh. So close. Nine out of ten. You can do this. I believe in you.

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