A postcard from the 13th of November, 2020


Remember when I said I might start making notes during the week so I would have something interesting to say on Mondays and Fridays? Well… this week I wrote, ‘carparks the solution to the problems with modern politics?’ in my notebook but, in hindsight, the idea wasn’t a brilliant one. I can’t be bothered to go into it here or to explain why, despite its flaws, it does point toward larger truths because, you know… effort.

I had a nice lunch today, if that is the sort of thing you might be interested in. Wholemeal pasta with spinach, onion, bacon and a lot of cheese. I could do you a recipe if you like. You cook the things that aren’t cheese, stir them together then put cheese on top of them. I put the dish in the oven so the cheese would melt, but that’s a personal preference. Oh yeah, also, I chopped the bacon and the onion, but that’s a personal preference. You could add herbs or something but I didn’t. You could add chocolate or jelly or meringue in it but it would probably taste terrible. Maybe have them for pudding instead?

What else did I do? I watched The Lighthouse. That was good. I zoomed some friends. That was good too. I ate a Lidl knockoff of a Twix and that was ok.

It hasn’t been the most eventful week. Hope you enjoyed reading all about it anyway. If you are still reading. I suspect I lost most of you during that recipe bit. Oh well.