The Most Thursdays (sort of) Puzzle or Quiz Type Thing… Number Three

Hello. Welcome to week three. This week I have six 1 Star Amazon reviews of novels that won The Booker Prize. All you have to do is work out which novels the smoking hot takes are about.

A few clues. All but one of the novels are from this millennium. All but one of them have the letter i somewhere in their title. Four were written by men and two by women. One of the reviewers almost certainly didn’t read the book they are reviewing.

  1. i hated this book. threw it away after a few chapters. the writing with a jamaican accent drove me insane. lol

  2. I really did not like this book. I would much rather watch paint dry than have to read it again, it was that boring. Most of the book is just a tedious ramble about nothing interesting at all. I also did not like that it mentions that “this book will make you have faith in God”, no it did not. How can this book promise such a thing when something like that is a very individual?

    Something else that truly annoyed me were the gory details that you can find throughout the book. For example, when the writer spent two pages to describe how much the main character wanted to eat his own poo… This book just was not for me. Do not recommend.

  3. Jesus Christ, the guy wears a stick up his ass, I got that after the first page you didn’t need to bore me excessively throughout a whole chapter explaining how complicated it is for him to take a trip. Come to the point!

  4. I do really like good read and I am especially interested and proud of our own history and heritage. But this book is ‘ beyond the pale, ‘and after trying the first three chapters, rather than bin it I donated it to a charity shop thinking some poor soul could make head and tail of it.

  5. Ok, but he is very very negative about India.
    He is no Rushdie , Naipaul, Mistri ,Seth or Dalrymple in that he criticises without love.
    Got to have that ability a parent has to love but not necessarily like.
    Even slum dog had an upbeat side.
    Everywhere you go in India there are smiles.

  6. Chick lit nonsense

Last week’s answers…

Last week I asked you to find the names of ten actors that had been translated into emoji form. Here is a quick reminder of the clues.






And here are the answers.

  1. Bruce Willis (brews, willies)
  2. Rose Byrne
  3. Mark Hamill (ma, camel)
  4. Isla Fisher (isle, a fish, ER)
  5. Ice Cube
  6. Lucy Liu (loo sees loo)
  7. Al Pacino (alp, a chino)
  8. Megan Fox (meg, Anne, fox)
  9. Dean Stockwell (dene, some stock doing well)
  10. Cher (share)