The Best Music Recommender in the World – Semi Final Three

Last week saw the end of the line for all the big seeds in the first two semi finals. Will this weekend see more surprises? Or will the big hitters from the league smash thei…

Is this working? I was trying to capture that big match atmosphere but I think it probably sounded a bit silly. Let’s just do the round. Quick reminder, in case anyone needs it – semi finalists were asked to recommend an album from the 1960s, a jazz album, and a compilation album.

The third semi final features

  • Sleepy
  • Beth Woodward
  • Graham Cox
  • Mat Pringle

Let’s see how they got on.

These albums are all great, and I’m sure a lot of you will have strong feelings about one or more of them, but I don’t think I am being incredibly controversial ranking them in the following order: Aretha > Dusty > The Kinks > Fairport Convention. That seems about right, doesn’t it?

Of all four semi finals, I think this was probably the strongest jazz line-up. All completely different. All great. So, for the second time only in these semi finals, I split the points evenly. Which means Mat and Beth need to score really well in the last round to progress to the final…

There was a small wave of fear (or perhaps more accurately, trepidation) caused by Beth’s choice of ABBA Gold. It seemed like the sort of thing that a man (ie me) who believes that disco was better than punk might like. Weirdly though, I don’t. I like a lot of ABBA. I love The Visitors. But Gold, All-the-hits-All-the-time, is too much for me. I find it exhausting. And if ABBA Gold was tooo loud for me, The Cinematic Orchestra’s Late Night Tales was tooo quiet (and, while I am getting all by whining done, too long). The Harder They Come soundtrack and Motown Chartbusters vol. 3 were just right. With the latter just pipping the former at the post on my scoreboard of scoring the… the score of the…. No. sorry. I’ve lost the metaphor there. I preferred the Motown is what I’m saying.

Which means… We have another tie, and Sleepy and Graham Cox both only go and find themselves in the actual bloody final of the actual bloody cup. Innit. For realz.