Week 49, 2020

I think it’s officially Christmas now, however you feel about that. Advent calendars start tomorrow and the first snows have arrived on Animal Crossing. Merry Christmas, you lot.

I watched Last Christmas on Saturday. I missed it at the cinema when it came out… err… last Christmas. I’d like to believe I wasn’t swayed by the bad reviews but I didn’t make the effort to see it so maybe I was. It goes without saying, the bad reviews were wrong. It’s ok. It’s fine. I liked it. It isn’t the greatest film ever made, and you can pretty easily see where it’s going, but so what? It is clearly designed to be an entertainment and it entertains. Stop expecting everything to reinvent the wheel, film reviewers.

I can’t really go into the elements of the film that I found most interesting without going into spoilers territory, so I won’t. But it is worth watching, I think, if you aren’t a cynical old bastard.

And if anyone knows if (and where) those Christmas monkeys are commercially available, please let me know, because I have a Christmas monkey shaped hole in my life. Ta.