Week 51, 2020

There was a positive covid case at school last week so our household has ‘officially’ broken up for Christmas a week early. There will be a (small, I imagine) return to home schooling this week but most of our isolation period will be filled with Disney+, Animal Crossing, and chocolate. There may be a certain amount of those cheese biscuits that come in different shapes eaten. There could be a bit of listening to my eight hour Christmas songs playlist. There will be cheese. There will be mince pies. There will be Mozartkugel.

In an attempt to keep things ticking over nicely during the (now quite long) Christmas break, I’m writing this on Saturday morning. So if anything massive happened yesterday, like aliens landing, or it turning out the Queen is actually Bernard Bresslaw in a life-preserving skinsuit of some sort, or both, and I don’t mention it, forgive me. I didn’t know. I write this in a position of ignorance.

If Bernard Bresslaw has revealed his eerie biological hiding place and then declared himself the emperor of a new British Empire that (thanks to his ties with the aliens that have landed) will stretch from Basildon to Betelgeuse. If he has. I would like to take this opportunity to bow down before his greatness and pledge my allegiance to his intergalactic empire. If he hasn’t, just ignore the last two paragraphs. Happy week before the week with Christmas in etc