Week 52, 2020

So here we are then, Christmas week. I feel like we’ve earned it. Whatever it is.

And no matter what tier you find yourself in, all of a sudden, because when Boris Johnson looked at his Big Boy’s Book of Political Clichés in July he chose “It will all be over by Christmas” instead of “Spirit of the Blitz”, there is still some Christmas to be had. There is a Ghosts Christmas special on Wednesday to look forward to and Disney+ are releasing Soul on Christmas Day so that’s a bit Christmas-sy. You may have bought some nice cheese. Maybe just eat it, yeah? It is Christmas.

(I’m using the word Christmas a lot here. Sorry about that. Can’t be arsed to edit, innit.)

But during this festive yuletide…

(That just sounds shit, doesn’t it? I’m just going to stick to saying Christmas a lot.)

Where was I? Oh yeah. Christmas. Yeah. No. I think I’ve covered everything.