Week 53, 2020

Week 53 of a 52 week year. 2020 does it again. I suppose you could call this week 01, or week 53/01, but my fancy Japanese diary says next week is the first week of 2021 and I’m going with that. It’s week 53.

I hope your Christmas went as well as it could and that any dabbling in the online Boxing Day sales you did went as swimmingly as you hoped. Have you gone on a nice winter walk or something like that yet? I haven’t, but I might soon. I have plumped up more than I had planned to over the festive period. I need to do some exercise or buy some new shirts. A walk over a moor might do me good. I might even see a duck or two, if I plan my route well.

They’re great aren’t they, ducks? Proper good for lifting the spirit and that.

If you aren’t leaving the house this week, I recommend watching the rest of World’s Strongest Man, and the Doctor Who special, but also reading the first week’s worth of my amazing end-of-year round-ups. This week will be all about building up to my ‘my favourite albums of 2020’ list (which was going to be a list of twenty albums but ended up being a list of fifty albums). Slightly unwieldy, a fifty album list, sure, but hopefully you’ll find something on it that you like and will be able to forgive me in the end.

Before that there will be a (very short) list of soundtracks later today, a list of things I missed this year on Wednesday, a list of some songs (by people who didn’t make the album list) on Wednesday, and a ‘A Year In Photographs’ thing on Thursday.

It’s all very exciting, I’m sure you’ll agree.