Nine great songs from 2020 (that for one reason or another didn’t make my albums list)

Not every great song ends up on a great album. And so, to avoid anything or anyone getting lost or forgotten when I do my end-of-year album list, here are nine great songs from 2020 that deserve a bit of love. They aren’t the greatest indicator of what made my albums list, which has a far larger introspection to banger ratio, but you can still consider this an amuse bouche to that if you are so inclined.

  • Think About Things – Daði Freyr

    Boy oh boy was I smug when I managed to get £6 on this song winning Eurovision at odds of 16/1. I had hundred pounds sitting in William Hill’s bank account with my name on it and plans on how I was going to spend it (books, obvs). Then Covid happened and Eurovision got cancelled and my dreams turned to dust. I got my £6 back, of course, but that isn’t the point is it? I still love the song though.

  • Again – Clipz ft Ms Banks, Ms Dynamite & Jaykae

    Completing, imo, Ms Dynamite’s perfect ‘guest vocal’ hattrick (after Magnetic Man’s Fire and Gold Dust by DJ Fresh). Again was a burst of energy in a year that, for the most part, was mostly reserved for introspection and gloom. A very welcome burst it was too.

  • 450 (2020 Remix) – Bad Boy Chiller Crew feat. S. Dog

    Seriously, who could explain the appeal of these four guys from Bradford rapping (about a Mercedes, mostly, I think) over what sounds like a crap Outhere Brothers b-side? For whatever reason though, it works.

  • Daisy – Ashnikko

    The transition from the verse into the chorus of Daisy was arguably the greatest pop moment of 2020.

  • Sister – TSHA

    A song that manages to fill your heart with all things good while inviting your feet to dance. Not as many songs do that as you might think, when you think about it, with the thinking you think, you big thinker you.

  • Recuerdos de Ya – 107 Faunos

    If you miss the sound of Pixies at their best, this song might help scratch that itch. It sounds like a lost b-side, all brilliant and that.

  • Sarita Colonia – Sofia Kourtesis

    It’s just a big fat slab of house, innit. You’ll either want that in your life or you won’t. This year, I did.

  • Pretty much any song off Power Up by AC/DC

    There was something enormously comforting about AC/DC continuing to be AC/DC in 2020. If a change is as good as a rest then AC/DC should be really fucking tired by now, but somehow they produced an album that sounded fresh and fun and silly in all the right ways. Gawd bless ’em etc etc.

  • Black Dog – Arlo Parks

    It seems pretty much nailed on that Collapsed in Sunbeams will feature on a lot of best albums of 2021 lists. Until then, we have this.