A postcard from the first of January, 2021

Happy New Year!

This post will be followed by another in an hour’s time, and that one will contain my fifty favourite albums of the year so I will keep this brief and let you move on to the main event. I just wanted to say, Happy New Year, you. We made it. 2021, eh? Here we go.

OK. Fine. 2021 looks like it’s more a case of here we go again than here we go, but we are better prepared for what the year might bring this time, hopefully. Put it this way, nobody is buying a big barbecue in the January sales and dreaming of the summer just yet. We are in the middle of a shitshow and we know it. But there are vaccines. There is hope. If we saw a really nice set of barbecue skewers (for less than say, £6?) we might consider buying them.

Today I will be going on a big old walk. The last few years, since I passed my driving test, I have had a couple of mini-adventures (I even went to the seaside once) but this year (with all the covid floating around and that) I’m doing my very small bit for the cause and keeping it super local*. If I’m lucky, if the mist rises and the snow holds off, I might see fifty different sorts of bird. I’d like that, I think, but we’ll see. No pressure. A year of lockdowns has left me so out of shape that if I manage to walk ten miles without a leg falling off it will be a small victory.

Have you got any New Year’s Resolutions? Mine is to get a bit more healthy. Over the last year I have become eighty-three percent sofa and if I can get that down to about sixty percent I will feel a lot better about myself. I’m not too bothered about what shape I am because I have such a winning personality (though there are a couple of shirts I would like to get back into before the summer if I could) but I am getting to an age where I need to look after my core and consider the benefits of not eating seven processed snacks a day.

Did you know that they stopped making Cheese Moments, by the way. They weren’t a particular favourite of mine, I probably only had a packet every couple of years but still, it’s a fucking disgrace.

Oh yeah, I said I would keep this brief. OK. That’ll do. Speak soon, yeah?


*Tier 4 now, so I couldn’t go anywhere anyway. Thank goodness for ‘unlimited exercise’ eh?