Week 13, 2021.

So… last week, while I was working downstairs, my wife and daughter made a microwave cake. They also did a science experiment which involved putting bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid on a lemon. I knew they were making a cake. I did not know they were doing a science experiment. Guess what I ‘tried a bit of the icing’ from when I came upstairs. Yep. The science experiment. To quote a brain far advanced of my own, it tasted like burning.

[Yeah, I’m an idiot, I know that, but cheers mate for pointing that out.]

I ate quite a lot of dust last week too, while we are on the subject of putting things in your mouth that you ideally shouldn’t. The garage in our new house wasn’t exactly full of the previous owners stuff but you know how it is with garages, stuff accumulates. Not much to report, treasure-wise – seven pounds and a penny, a Star Wars tazo and eight mops being the highlights/most interesting finds.

Who needs eight mops? We haven’t even got laminate flooring. The amount of floor you could mop in our house would require one mop a decade at the very most. Maybe you would need a new mop head during that time. Maybe. But only if you mopped a lot more than I do (which is as little as possible). And yes, I know some people clean obsessively, and that their doing so is often related to something serious, but I suspect that somebody who needed cleanliness and order to function would have thrown away the old mops.

There was a fridge magnet with a couple of pigs on it too. Nasty looking thing. Very probably an unwanted gift. It’s dead now of course. If it was ever alive.

I’ve never had a garage before. It feels very grown up, a garage. I feel inclined to buy a workbench. I want to start keeping odd nails in old jam jars. I want to fix things. I might start making crappy sculptures. Really crappy sculptures. Would that be a cool thing to do? I think it might be a really cool thing to do. Feel free to suggest things that I could do bad sculptures of.

Anyway, everything else I ate last week was food, so I’ll let you get on with your day.