Oh my but Sweden is good at music, yes? So good that I ended up doing a top 40 and I’m still annoyed at all the great stuff I had to leave out. Blimey.

It’s the Easter holidays, so I am experimenting with a new every-choice-gets-judged-in-nine-words-or-less technique’. I’ll get back to fully explaining my decisions next week but as a consolation for the abridged nature of this countdown, everyone will get ‘some’ feedback today. It’s a good time to introduce a bit of universal praise because, as I said earlier in the week, this was the toughest week to judge yet. There wasn’t a single bad choice. There were so many great songs that I have had to make some very very tough decisions. Everyone deserved points.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Here are the people who didn’t score this week.

  • Ace of Bass – The Sign – chosen by Dan Williamsrobbed. all that I want is another scoring system
  • Brainbombs – Jack the Ripper Lover – chosen by Ace of Basedlyrically, very much not my cup of tea
  • D’Angel0 – Me and Those Dreamin’ Eyes of Mine (Live in Stockholm) – chosen by Mark Ga very good song
  • Daniel Norgren – When I Hold You in My Arms – chosen by Slugger might have scored if the sun had been shining
  • Eternal Oath – Stolen Innocence – chosen by Graemeultimately too evil to score
  • Goat – Let It Burn – chosen by Rebecca Hvery slightly too long
  • Goat – Trouble in the Streets – chosen by Geisterhausalso very slightly too long too
  • Gorillaz – Empire Ants – chosen by David Hartleyeverything on that album pales next to Sweepstakes
  • Jens Lekman – A Higher Power – chosen by Lenni Sandersreally liked this / a Swedish The Divine Comedy perhaps
  • Lee Hazelwood – No Train to Stockholm – chosen by Daniel EdmondsI’ve checked and there is
  • Muse – Stockholm Syndrome – chosen by James Beckgood, but I prefer the really silly Muse stuff
  • Neneh Cherry – Seven Seconds – chosen by Nick Portnellprobably not her best song imho
  • Neneh Cherry – I’ve Got You Under My Skin – chosen by Chris *Wear Your Dang Mask*good this, and historically interesting too
  • New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Stockholm – chosen by Mikesounds a bit like A House, I liked it
  • Nils Lofgrens – Birds – chosen by GLPGreat subject matter, great song
  • Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin’ – chosen by Sherri Turnereverybody’s talkin’ about how this should have scored amirite?
  • Pavement – Date w/IKEA – chosen by David Brucemy favourite tenuous link this week
  • Roxette – Dangerous – chosen by Al Kennedyfor me Clive, it could have been more dangerous
  • Roxette – Dressed for Success – chosen by Donna Morrisdressed for, but wasn’t, soz Roxette
  • Roxette – It Must Have Been Love – chosen by Debbmore of a ‘like a lot’ I’m afraid
  • Sambassadeur – Days – chosen by Richard Jonesvery nice, maybe too nice
  • Sambassadeur – Foward is All – chosen by Georgia Boonibid
  • The Hives – Tick Tick Boom – chosen by Rob Cutforth and Lovelystuffgreat song but I didn’t love the explosion noise
  • The Sinners – Barbed Wire Heart – chosen by Andy M Blameya very good song
  • The Tallest Man on Earth – The Gardener – chosen by Picky Bastards also a very good song
  • Tom Waits – Clap Hands – chosen by Andy Ca far cleverer link to Sweden than Adam’s but…
  • Tom Waits – Come On Up To The House – chosen by Adam Farrer…there wasn’t room in the chart for either song

Everyone who didn’t score this week is eligible for next week’s thirty bonus points – whoever finishes highest on the chart gets the prize. Eleven people who nearly made the chart last week have scored this week – but who will get the eighteen bonus points?

OK. Pausing briefly to point out that Rob Cutforth and the Lovely Stuff would be a great name for a 1950s doo-wop band, let’s get on with the top forty.

  • 40 – The Cardigans – Erase/Rewind chosen by Beth Woodward, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath chosen by Jeanette Greaves, I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer chosen by Kim Z BakerI have a Cardigans anecdote but only nine words – two points
  • 39 – Ghost – Monstrance Clock chosen by Nick Garrard, Here Comes the Sun chosen by Nick, If You Have Ghosts chosen by Graham Watt are all these songs by the same band? – two points
  • 38 – Katatonia – Unfurl – chosen by Pavel Kondova death metal band’s trip-hop b-side, interesting choice – three points
  • 37 – John May – Hey Moon – chosen by Kat Aitchall songs about the moon are good. fact – four points
  • 36 – Popsicle – Hey Princess – chosen by Juliesome very nice 1990s vibes here thank you – five points
  • 35 – Jason Isbell – Stockholm – chosen by Michael Conleysensible Americana, but good, very nice – six points
  • 34 – Forndom – Jakten – chosen by Pennysoundtrack to something in the mist waiting to kill – seven points
  • 33 – The Radio Dept – The Worst Taste in Music – chosen by Plashing Volethat’s a nice slab of dream pop right there – eight points
  • 32 – Refused – New Noise chosen by Dan Carpenter and Ben Andrew, Liberation Frequency chosen by Chris Bissetteall shouty and nice – nine points
  • 31 – Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks – chosen by General Zod and Tom Glennie advert took the shine off it, still great though – ten points
  • 30 – The Stranglers – Sverige – chosen by Stu Weston and John – more bands singing in languages not their own please – eleven points
  • 29 – Lykke Li – Get Some chosen by Graham Cox, Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone chosen by Paul Kay, (cover of) I Follow Rivers (by Marika Hackman) chosen by John Power Jr – I put these together to award more people points – twelve points
  • 28 – I’m from Barcelona – We’re from Barcelona – chosen by Bruno Di Graditwenty nine bands members – thirteen points
  • 27 – Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time – chosen by Tom A – anyone who doesn’t love Britney is dead inside – fourteen points
  • 26 – Vargas and Lagola – Daughter of a Rifleman – chosen by Skerretyou score (more) points this way – fifteen points
  • 25 – Europe – The Final Countdown – chosen by Ben Thomasmy eight-year-old loved this, me too, obvs – sixteen points
  • 24 – First Aid Kit – Come Give Me Love – chosen by Emgreat song by a great band innit – seventeen points
  • 23 – ABBA – The Visitors chosen by Lil’ Vanni Byniaeth, Dancing Queen chosen by Henriette Pleiger, Head Over Heels chosen by Dan, The Day Before You Came chosen by Sex Police, The Winner Takes It All chosen by Desmond, Hej Gamle Man chosen by Stephen Maytoo obvious to win, soz, but yeah, the best – eighteen points
  • 22 – The Knife – Silent Shout chosen by Sam Whyte, Heartbeats chosen by Marcus Richards, Colouring of Pigeons chosen by Nick RayneyI especially liked the pigeon one – nineteen points
  • 21 – Tim Berg – Seek Bromance – chosen by Mark Rosethat build, eh? blummin’ irresistible – twenty points
  • 20 -Teddybears – Cobrastyle – chosen by James Battissonfeels like it should have aged badly but hasn’t – twenty-one points
  •  19 – Hellacopters – Carry Me Home – chosen by Paul Graham Raventhe closest anyone came to ‘correctly’ choosing Backyard Babies – twenty-two points
  • 18 – Säkert! – Vi Kommer Att Dö Samtidigt – chosen by David Coatesthat’s a proper bit of pop you’ve got yourself – twenty-three points
  • 17 – Fiery Furnaces – Bright Blue Tie – chosen by Martin SFP Bryantmentions Sweden relatively briefly but is gorgeous, so… – twenty-four points
  • 16 – The Wannadies – Might Be Stars – chosen by Justin Chisnallone of the best bands of the 90s – twenty-five points
  • 15 – Ave Brun – Do You Remember – chosen by Marsha Adams*puts on local DJ voice* too good to forget – twenty-six points
  • 14 – Shitkid – Last Mistake – chosen by Sleepy loved it – twenty seven points
  • 13 – Robyn – Dancing On My Own – chosen by David N Atkinson – I expected more Robyn recommendations because, you know, great – twenty-eight points
  • 12 – Björn Skifs/Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling – chosen by Tom Mason It’s called Awesome Mix vol. 1. for a reason – twenty-nine points
  • 11 – Kali Malone – Fifth Worship II – chosen by Subfuscousgenuinely moving organ stuff, sophisticated, would recommend – thirty points
  • 10 – Anna Von Hausswolff – The Truth, The Glow, The Fall – chosen by William Mallinwould normally frown on twelve minute songs but, damn – thirty-one points
  • 9 – Obi Best – Swedish Boy – chosen by Scout Tzofiyaeasily the best song ‘about’ Sweden recommended, pure joy – thirty-two points
  • 8 – Iamamiwhoami – Goods – chosen by Leighton just gets better and better as it goes – thirty-three points
  • 7 – Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Tuesday Wonderland – chosen by Benjoabsolutely beautiful, it builds so nicely – thirty-four points
  • 6 – Tove Lo – Disco Tits – chosen by Sam Bailperfect post-dance darkness, swears aplenty – thirty-five points
  • 5 – Those Dancing Days – Hitten – chosen by Tom.Why is Sweden so darn good at pop? – thirty-six points
  • 4 – Bob Hund – Rockabiligt – chosen by NealI loved this, the singer proper goes for it – thirty-seven points
  • 3 – Viagra Boys – Beijing Taxi – chosen by Jummo70gets-under-your-skin good, so well constructed – (thirty-eight points plus this week’s eighteen bonus points, making a total of) fifty six points
  • 2 – Junip – Line of Fire – chosen by Steven Mossreally struck a chord, loved it more every listen – thirty-nine points
  • 1 – Mikael Ramel – Pengar – chosen by Mat Pringleboy oh boy do I love this utter madness – forty points

That was great, wasn’t it? I know I should do a playlist to accompany these countdowns but I can’t because I’m not on Spotify but seriously, if there are songs you don’t recognise from today, check them out. There is so much great stuff there.  Every single song in the top eleven was new to me. I have a lot of albums to check out at some point.

Next week is going to be a bit different. We are, quite literally mate, going from the sublime to the ridiculous. I want us to revisit a genre that time has not been kind to. I want you to recommend a song from the scene that was Britpop. I’ll leave what counts as Britpop to your own conscience, and will only disqualify those of you who really really take the piss. Like if someone goes for Ludwig van Beethoven or something. That would be too far. Beethoven clearly isn’t Britpop. I am open to your suggestions that other things might be though. Don’t be afraid to push the Britpop envelope.

That’s a saying isn’t it? Push the envelope? It sounds stupid. I don’t think I’ll use it again.