Peripheral Bucket List. Week 0. The Rules.

I’ve thought of a new thing to do.

It started with an idea: a crap bucket list. What if, instead of making a list of once-in-a-lifetime magical experiences you wanted to do, you made a list of really easily achievable things that you have never done before, and that would possibly be a bit crap, but might be quite good? The idea came to me as I was absent-mindedly singing the Shake n’ Vac theme tune to myself. I sing that song all the time but I have never actually done the Shake n’ Vac. What if doing the Shake n’ Vac is good?

The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it. There was only one problem with it. The word ‘crap’ was too negative. If I was going to do this it had to be a celebration, not an excuse to sneer. So I tried a few different words, small, alternative, minor, etc and finally settled on Peripheral Bucket List (mostly, I’ll freely admit, because it sounds like the title of a Fall album).

And because the concept is ‘doing things that are easy to do but for whatever reason I haven’t done before’ you could do them too. If you wanted to. Or you could just suggest things that I could try. No pressure, like, either way. Joining in isn’t obligatory.

These are the rules I have come up with so far. I don’t think I’ll need anymore but I reserve the right to add some if I feel like it.

  • The thing I do has to be something I haven’t done before.
  • It has to be free or reasonably cheap (with an absolute limit of, let’s say, ten pounds).
  • It has to be something that wouldn’t normally feature on a ‘bucket list’. Think small (or quiet, kitsch, naff, easy, old-fashioned, forgotten or uncool).

To maximise maximal audience participation to the maximum, every Friday lunchtime I will start a poll on twitter with four options for next week’s thing to do. Whatever wins I will do and then write about the experience on this blog the following Friday.

I think that’s everything. Keep an eye out on twitter for the poll at lunchtime.