All change

Please bear with me as I update the site. It will, in time, look great, with loads of links to other cool places on the internet that are all about me. We all want that, I know. It shouldn’t take long.

I have dropped the ‘who the fudge is…’ bit from the title of the site because the unbearably smug baby from the Boss Baby franchise (I forget if he is the actual ‘boss’ baby because the first film was so forgettable) used the phrase ‘what the fudge’ in a trailer for Boss Baby 2 and it ruined the whole fudge as a stand in for a swear thing for me.

He probably is the ‘boss’ baby in Boss Baby. It’s not a particularly complicated franchise (or maybe it is. As I say, I can’t remember anything about the first film apart from hating every minute of it).

And yes, I have changed the name of my blog because a cartoon baby ruined it for me. What’s it to you?