Things about to happen: A warning


This is a message to those of you who get an email whenever I post something.

Firstly, thank you for that. I really appreciate it. Secondly, sorry for me not being around much lately. It has been quite the time these last two years, hasn’t it? Thirdly, and most importantly, I need to warn you about January. If all things go well, I will have this site back up and running soon. There should be one more post in November, eighteen in the period between the first of December and Boxing Day and then – and this is the nub of this message – eighty two posts between the twenty-seventh of December and the twenty-eighth of January.

Eighty two is a lot. I know that.

There will be eighty two posts because I am doing a super massive round up of the year. It should be interesting and funny in all the ways you have grown to love but, crucially, it might fill up your email inbox. I wanted to apologise for that in advance. Feel free to mark me as spam or unsubscribe during January or something.

Or, maybe, get really really into visiting this website for a month? Yeah, do that instead. It will be great. Promise.

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