Hello, January

There was a moment on Friday morning, as I was woken up by clap of thunder at five in the morning, while outside a wall of slush fell from the sky and onto the already icy pavements, that I doubted that the weather was doing everything it possibly could to lighten my mood during the first week of the year. It has rained quite a lot this week. It has snowed a fair bit too. There has been hail.

But in between (and also during) these downpours, there have been good times. I had a nice walk along the canal. I saw a brambling at my local nature reserve. I had some bullfinches, a grey wagtail and a couple of tawny owls visit the garden. I opened a jar of Japanese pickles that were delightful. I read a good comic and an excellent short story. I started War and Peace. I fished some rubbish out of a stream; which meant I got to try out my £3-from-the-charity-shop wellies; which I can confirm were completely watertight. I used some semicolons in a slapdash and (probably) incorrect way. In short, it has been a decent week.

I came up with a plan in the summer to walk 10,000 miles before my fiftieth birthday. It works out at slightly under forty miles a week. It is probably a bit too far, but the lure of a big round number was too irresistible to, well, resist. I could start running, which would help enormously, but the problem with that is that I don’t want to. Anyway, despite the weather this week I walked quite a bit, which is nice, but not enormously interesting, so I should probably stop typing before I bore you.