Best Cat of the Year

It has been an exciting year for cats that can sometimes be seen from my house and/or occasionally visit the garden. Puke Cat seems to have disappeared but Cow-coloured Cat still visits. A very handsome tabby prowled majestically through the garden in January, looking to establish himself as a player and then never returned. A massive ginger thing turned up in spring and started sitting on the cars in the street with no thought of the consequences. A white-and-grey guy appeared in July, all slinky and mysterious, and earned himself the name UFO Cat because the photo I took of him was a blur that looked less like a cat and more like the out-of-focus images that newspapers in the 1980s would try to tell you was an alien.

[Yes, I know, a UFO is the mode of transport, not the alien itself, but UFO Cat is a cooler name.]

But the cat that most won my heart this year above all the other cats was Grumpy Cat. Mostly because he is grumpy.

Grumpy cats are, obviously, the best of all cats, and whether he is standing by the stream being annoyed by the water and everything in it or (as in the photo) looking over the fence at my garden and finding it wanting, Grumpy Cat is never less than disgruntled. Look at his face. He’s not angry, he’s just disappointed. How can you not love a creature with ideas so above his station? Congratulations, Grumpy Cat, Best Cat of the Year, 2022!

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