Best Thing I Found This Year

I haven’t found too many things this year. A couple of nice pencils, a pound coin, you know, small stuff. The pound coin was pretty exciting for a moment until I realised that the reason I had found it by the car was that I had dropped it a couple of hours earlier. I’m not sure if that even really counts as finding something. I found a marble but it was chipped. It was a pretty slow year for finding stuff.

Until that is I was gardening and I found this lost soul.


I felt sorry for her, all mossy, and not comfortable with throwing away good people I decided to have a go at The Repair Shopping her. I put her through the washing machine on a gentle cycle and then used a toothbrush to work all the moss and grime out of her fur. Then it was back in the washing machine, this time at ninety degrees and with extra doses of stain remover and one of those packets you put in to make shirts white again. And…

A story with a happy ending. She sits by my desk now, on a little plate that has a blue-and-white picture of a sixteenth century Danish church on it. She seems happy there.


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