Best Crisps of the Year

Are there any crisps better than the ones you find in a supermarket or a corner shop on your holidays? I don’t think so. It’s the thrill of the new, isn’t it? Specifically, the thrill of new crisps. I mean, sure, swimming with dolphins is probably good too, but can it really compare to finding a similar (but not quite identical) potato product to the ones you have already tried in an unfamiliar location? Of course it can’t.

And so, while there were many crisp pleasures to be had in the UK this year – particularly Koikeya’s Sweet & Sour Pickled Plum flavour crisps, which taste a bit like salt and vinegar but, you know, fancier, and Kurkure’s Masala Munch, which are like Nik Naks but much spicier – my Crisp of the Year is one not actually available in the country in which I live. This is as it should be. It’s the circle of crisps.

It was in Morocco that I ate my best crisps. The brand was Leader. Excellent texture, good potatoyness, solid flavours (my favourites were the chili ones but cheese flavour is also highly recommended) and, as you can see in the photograph, they also have a pleasing packet with a cool slice of potato wearing sunglasses and everything. Ten out of ten all round.

I would also recommend ketchup flavoured Chipsy D’or crisps for their ketchupy goodness and their cute brand name, If you find yourself in Morocco, which you might, if you like going to good places.

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