Best Small Bookshop of the Year

I didn’t take a photo in, or of, La Biblioteka on my day trip to Sheffield so I instead I have used a photo of the spoon making process to illustrate this post because a, it’s a photo that I did take on my day trip to Sheffield, b, cutlery is quite a Sheffield-y sort of thing and c, I think it is interesting. Now you know how spoons are made.

Sheffield, btw, is a very nice place to visit. I had a nice walk around the botanical gardens (and saw a blackcap in a tree) and visited the Millenium Gallery (where an exhibition about surrealism and spiritualism inspired me to write a short non-fiction piece that was shortlisted for the Quiet Man Dave Prize, which was nice). The walk out of town to the botanical gardens is full of excellent charity shops, if you like that sort of thing, and on the way back you pass the Oxfam Books shop, which is a good one.

I also, obviously, went to La Biblioteka, which is a small but perfectly stocked bookshop surrounded by nice-looking food stalls. They mostly sell books from independent publishers. They have a selection of interesting magazines. I bought a magazine about cheese and a literary journal. In an ideal world they would open a branch on my high street and i would be bankrupt.

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