The Best Recommender in the World – how it works and who is winning

It started as a way to brighten up my lockdown work hours. Now it is a fierce battle of music suggesting to which there can ONLY BE ONE WINNER! (Winner! winner!)

It’s the The Best Music Recommender In The World… competition… thing.

So, every weekend I will listen to records by bands that begin with the same letter (A on week one, B on week two, etc). On Saturday those bands must be from Europe, and on Sunday the rest of the world. The catch is that I can’t listen to more than one band from any country on any day.

You recommend the bands. I listen to them and then share my thoughts on those choices on this website. At the end of the weekend I award points to the people who made the best suggestions.

Obviously, you have more chance of getting your choice on the playlist if you pick something from somewhere that isn’t the UK or the US, as I can only pick one from each country. Any choice could get you the points. Any genre. Any country. Any era. Surprise me, yeah?

Oh, and yes, I know recommender isn’t a word.

The Leaderboard
(last updated after B)
  1. Picky Bastards – 5 points
    Georgia Boon – 5 points

    Monsterlander – 5 points
  2. Lucy Lapwing – 4 points
    George Sandison – 4 points

    William Mallin – 4 points
  3. Richard Jones – 3 points
    Dave Hartley – 3 points

    Rachel Bentley – 3 points
  4. Chris Bissette – 2 points
    expletive deleted – 2 points
    Graham Cox – 2 points
  5. Marv – 1 point
    Sam Whyte – 1 point
    Mark Powell – 1 point
  6. Fat Roland – minus 1 point 

I realise that 2 should be 4=, 3 should be 7=, etc, but not how to make the blog do that. It should sort itself out in a couple of weeks once the scores start separating out a bit.