Hello you.

I’m Benjamin Judge.

I write stories, reviews, occasionally a poem, sometimes something else… you know… things… words… the occasional postcard… that sort of thing…

But who am I really? I like clouds and manatees. I like the cinema, and cheese, and commas. I like nature reserves. I like cities. I feed the birds but I don’t trust them. My favourite small orange is the satsuma. I don’t really understand how planes work. I have never quite decided whether I like smoked salmon or not. I can’t believe it’s not butter. I’m not very good at introductions…

You can find me on Twitter @benjaminjudge


I’m sure most of you will have better and more important things to do over the coming months than read a blog written by an idiot but, should you feel the need for a distraction, the least I can do is provide some words for you.

I have changed the format of the blog a little bit to reflect the times we are in. I am thinking about the following schedule…

  • Mondays – continuing to countdown my Brilliant Best Albums of the 1990s
  • Tuesdays – a weekly look at the birds you might be able to see from your window while self isolating
  • Wednesdays – something stupid
  • Thursdays – the works of Jason Statham
  • Fridays – a book recommendation
  • Saturdays – a film or tv recommendation
  • Sundays – a bit of a recap of what has happened that week

The idea is to keep things light and to recommend things to distract you and/or keep you busy. I’m sure every writer in Britain will be dusting off their blog in the coming weeks and that their stuff will be better than mine but, you know, I’m here if you need me.