Quarantine. Week One.

So, homeschooling eh? Who knew? Who knew? At first you are enthusiastic. The school sets a little video on baby animals for the children to watch and you whack an

So this week I watched…

What did I watch this week? Well, obviously, I watched what everybody else did: the latest episode of Better Call Saul, the latest episode of Picard, and the first two

Star Trek: The Next Generation characters ranked by how annoying they would become over a two week camping holiday in the south of France, maybe in Provence or the Languedoc region, somewhere with good wine, I mean all France has good wine but I had this really nice bottle in Collioure once and I was thinking something like that? Have you ever had violet flavour ice cream? I had some of that there too and it was delicious. There is a little stall that does what must be twenty flavours. Maybe thirty

OK, so you are going on a camping holiday in France and you need to take one of the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation with you. Don’t

Birds from your window. Jackdaw.

According to Peter Hill’s ‘Birds of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough’*, jackdaws were scarce in the area until about 1960 and the first communal roost wasn’t recorded until 1979. There are loads