Quarantine. Week Two.

Do you believe in divine intervention? Fate? Coincidence? How superstitious are you? How much money would it take to make you spend a night in a cemetery? Would you display

So this week I watched…

Again, I watched The Mandalorian and Better Call Saul, like everybody else, and I started that Tiger King documentary on Netflix, like everybody else. And what else? I watched BMX

Quarantine. Week One.

So, homeschooling eh? Who knew? Who knew? At first you are enthusiastic. The school sets a little video on baby animals for the children to watch and you whack an

So this week I watched…

What did I watch this week? Well, obviously, I watched what everybody else did: the latest episode of Better Call Saul, the latest episode of Picard, and the first two

Star Trek: The Next Generation characters ranked by how annoying they would become over a two week camping holiday in the south of France, maybe in Provence or the Languedoc region, somewhere with good wine, I mean all France has good wine but I had this really nice bottle in Collioure once and I was thinking something like that? Have you ever had violet flavour ice cream? I had some of that there too and it was delicious. There is a little stall that does what must be twenty flavours. Maybe thirty

OK, so you are going on a camping holiday in France and you need to take one of the main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation with you. Don’t

Birds from your window. Jackdaw.

According to Peter Hill’s ‘Birds of Rochdale Metropolitan Borough’*, jackdaws were scarce in the area until about 1960 and the first communal roost wasn’t recorded until 1979. There are loads

Quarantine. Week Zero.

So, that’s that then. Friday saw the last school run of the academic year, and only twenty or so weeks early. I am the teacher now. What could go wrong?


And Saturdays are film days, which seems about right, I reckon. I thought I might recommend a film each week but instead I think I will just tell you what


So, Friday is book day, I think. Cool? Cool. I somehow managed to get a copy of The Mirror & The Light from the library just weeks before we all