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Should I get out more?

Yes. If I could only have one resolution for next year, that resolution would be best used on resolutioning to get out more. Luckily, I can have as many as I want so I can learn how to do writing sentences as well too. I’m not quite the mad woman in the attic just yet, but I don’t get out much any more, not like I used to. Actually, thinking about it, I never finished Jane Eyre. Apologies if that reference was more offensive than I meant it to be.… Read more Should I get out more?

Should I go vegan?

The correct answer to this is yes, yes I should, but I’m haven’t convinced myself that I am even capable of it yet. There are way, way too many things I would miss. Cheese, mostly. But I am making an effort. I have swapped the milk in my porridge for coconut milk. I am buying and trying vegan sausages and the like. I’m trying to find an alternative to milk to put in my coffee that doesn’t make the whole drink taste like cardboard. I haven’t found one yet, but… Read more Should I go vegan?

Is Twitter a cesspit?

I used to love Twitter. Twitter was great. A huge proportion of things I did and people I met was down to Twitter. It was lovely. It’s not so hot right now. I know we all decided echo chambers were a bad thing but I kind of miss mine. My ‘in real life’ life is an echo chamber, pretty much, so I don’t know why I need to interact with free market enthusiasts and racists online. I’d rather just stick to the writers, readers and nature lovers I know. I… Read more Is Twitter a cesspit?

When will an African team win the World Cup?

I must have heard a hundred pundits ask this question over the summer, and as many stupid answers. Africa will start producing World Cup winning sides when Europe stops taking up half the slots in the tournament. You can’t win a tournament you aren’t competing in. This isn’t rocket science, guys.

Is a robot going to take your job?

“Bloomin’ robots, taking our jobs. I mean, it was alright when they were just arms, doing hugely dangerous jobs in heavy industry, but now they can do light admin work what am I supposed to do for sixty percent of my waking life? Not hate my job? No thank you.” Who is the bad guy, the robot that takes your job or the society that doesn’t reevaluate the life/work balance of its population as technology advances because it sees ‘economic growth’ as more vital than happiness? The question shouldn’t be,… Read more Is a robot going to take your job?

Is all guitar music by boys rubbish now?

It is flippant to suggest that all new guitar music by boys is rubbish, but it kind of is, isn’t it? Or am I old now? It’s difficult to say. Getting old, losing touch with music, in a sense I was looking forward to it. I know that the drift toward nostalgia and the closing off of new avenues aren’t positive things but I have always wanted to hear a new song and think, “What is this? It’s just noise!” It should be strangely exciting to see the world move… Read more Is all guitar music by boys rubbish now?