Some links to some writing…


I did a couple of pamphlets but they have sold out, so, you know, too late. Soz. If you fancy buying a copy of I Am Because You Are, the anthology celebrating the centenary of the General Theory of Relativity (featuring my story, An Endless Parade of Little Heartbreaks) you can, from Freight Books.

If you want to read fiction I have written without spending any of your money (and it isn’t my place to judge you if you do) you could try my story Three Stops to Greenwich on TubeFlash or a fairy tale I wrote a couple of years ago.

If you prefer your fiction ‘non’, you could read a piece of creative non-fiction I wrote about my dad that won an award or an article that explains what happened when I took my daughter to meet Maisy Mouse?

If you can’t even be bothered to read, and want words just spoken into your face, you could do worse than to listen to this episode of The End of All Things podcast in which Rob Cutforth interviews me (and David Hartley) about writing, the Not The Booker Prize, live literature, and other things.